Stan Lee: 'DC Should Ask Me To Do Cameo In Batman Vs Superman'

DS: Stan Lee has joked that DC Comics should ask him to cameo in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice to ensure the film's success.

The former Marvel Comics chairman teased during a press conference at the London Film and Comic Con event today (July 11) that he is very proud of the expanding Marvel Cinematic Universe, which will soon include Guardians of the Galaxy and Ant-Man.

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WizzroSupreme1648d ago

It'd totally rock if that was the case. No doubt another $50 million profit there.

vork771648d ago

and Stan lee wears a marvel t shirt lol

acemonkey1648d ago

i would love to see a cross over..theres been countless comics of dc mixing up with marvel, from battling each other and helping each other. They need a movie together lol maybe when were all 90 and nobody cares about copyrights and whos in the movies... but i would love to see a dc vs marvel game tho... Stan lee likes DC

Porcelain_Chicken1648d ago

"i would love to see a dc vs marvel game"

Hell YEAH!! In an Arkham-like style, would be huge!

"Stan lee likes DC"

Of course. Marvel's cb formula was copying DC's formula to a shameless extent.

*Braces for sh*tstorm from Marvelites* Dx

SilentNegotiator1648d ago

Maybe he could be in the background, rummaging through the pockets of Jack Kirby's freshly unburied corpse.

"Look at me, true believers! I've invented pocket lint!"

ironfist921648d ago

If theres anyone who should be the DC Cameo equivalent of Stan Lee, it should be Adam West.

More so as its a Batman and Superman film.

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