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All three previous Transformers movies from director Michael Bay were quite enjoyable. Although some wouldn't consider it as especially memorable for their plots or the development of their human characters but boy were they fun to watch. Seeing giant transforming robots tear through buildings and level cities as they smashed, stabbed, shot, and threw each other awoke the childish glee that harkened many movie-goers back to the days of playing make believe with Legos and action figures. As with most long-running film series’ however, there were skepticism towards this fourth Transformers movie as soon as it was rumored to be in the works. The appeal of a popular franchise has the potential to take a nosedive when it is stretched out too long, especially when dealing with a series as venerable as Transformers. So does Age of Extinction do its three predecessors justice? Or should Michael Bay have let sleeping Autobots lie?

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WizzroSupreme1611d ago

Better than I'd expect of most Transformers reviews. Can't tell is Wahlberg is a step back or a step sideways for Transformers. At least there was a freaking Dinobot in there rode by Optimus Prime. That was something.