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The GCE writes: "I have been through quite the emotional rollercoaster while watching the last few Planet of the Apes movies. Remember the 2001 Tim Burton yawn fest that was supposed to reboot the franchise? It was so boring and dull the next movie didn’t appear until 2011, that being Rise of the Planet of the Apes. That movie gave most of us ape fans hope, bringing in new age CGI which enabled us to experience real emotions of fear or anger on the apes in the movie. We were enthralled, captivated and pumped for what the future held for this films franchise.

Well, the future is here and the world of the apes has never looked so good."

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WizzroSupreme1650d ago

Can't wait to see what Andy Serkis does for Star Wars. That man is da bomb in mo-cap. Wouldn't mind seeing him in something more live-action too like The Prestige.