Star Wars: May The 2016 Be With You?

From LR:

I thought this was all over two weeks ago, but maybe it isn't.

Here’s a rumbling from the deep behind-the-scenes that I cannot confirm: JJ Abrams and Kathleen Kennedy aren’t done wrestling with Bob Iger to push Star Wars: Episode VII back into 2016 with Batman, Superman and Captain America.

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darklordzor1612d ago

I can see the reasoning. I even said a couple weeks ago that Ford's injury would be nothing more than an excuse to delay, because Abrams has always wanted more time. Kind of sucks though, because I really want this movie, but a few month delay isn't horrible.

WizzroSupreme1612d ago

Definitely going to happen. A movie with less Han Solo is less of a Star Wars sequel. Besides, Star Wars movies just work for summer and few are afraid of Batman V. Superman beating it to the box office that month.