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Duck Dynasty 6.05 Review: “Brand of Brothers” | TVOM

TVOM: "This week’s Duck Dynasty involved the search for a new Duck Commander logo, and Phil helping his granddaughter with homework. Now, if that doesn’t sound fun to you, you can just get out. This week, we found Willie in the midst of a search for a new Duck Commander logo as a way to “re-brand” the ancient logo, so he hires a branding consultant, much to the chagrin of Jase. Jase thinks (and I can’t say that I disagree) that the branding consultant’s advice and logos were “stupid” and that he and the boys could do a better job. Now THAT is the fun part. Jase and the boys all proceed to design their own logos, and get their own business cards printed up with brand new titles! They wanted business cards for the same reason Mitch Hedberg did…they want to win some lunches!"

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WizzroSupreme1563d ago

I don't know what it is about this show that hooks folks...maybe I should finally cave and check it out somewheres...know plenty of friends that love it.