‘Star Wars Rebels’: First Look at ‘Rebel Hunter’ Villain Agent Kallus

From Hero Complex:

As the fall premiere of “Star Wars Rebels” grows ever closer, we’re getting more familiar with the characters created to bring us into this new era of the space saga. On the bad guy side, images of the Inquisitor has been available for a long time, but now we’re getting our first look at his right-hand man, Agent Kallus, the so-called “Rebel hunter.” And the actor selected to voice him, David Oyelowo.

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darklordzor1560d ago

There is no way to embed the video as it's on their private server and they aren't giving that option.

tacotruck1559d ago

The video is available to the public..
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WizzroSupreme1558d ago

Wonder if Kallus is gonna be in Episode VII, it seems like Drive and N'yongo are Jedi Hunters from the sounds of it, just like Rebels' Inquisitors.