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Scott Derrickson’s directed Deliver Us From Evil pits Eric Bana up against the Devil in a battle for his character’s soul, salvation and self-redemption. This film is based loosely on the real life experiences of Ralph Sarchie, a NYPD detective by day who moonlights as a paranormal investigator by night. Note the term “loosely” is used here because as someone who’s read and immensely enjoyed Ralph Sarchie’s autobiographical memoir Beware The Night, this critic is actually surprised at how much this film deviates from the plots and narratives depicted in Sarchie’s book. Beware The Night acknowledges many different bizarre real life paranormal cases that Sarchie has worked on during his spiritual quest to help liberate innocent victims from their experiences with the paranormal. He’s confronted supernatural beings like the Devil, an Incubus and even a werewolf, using only his faith as his ultimate weapon to go head to head with these supernatural entities.

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WizzroSupreme1560d ago

I gave up on Eric Bana films straight after 2003's Hulk. Would've liked him as Ethan Hunt in Mission Impossible though.