Steven Moffat Offered A Star Wars Movie?

From JediNews:

We're hearing rumblings in the Force that Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat has been linked to a future Star Wars movie.

It's currently unknown whether or not the film is a saga episode - if so then presumably Episode IX - or the third standalone project which has yet to have a writing team or director announced, or whether his involvement is as a writer, producer or director.

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-Foxtrot1614d ago

Hopefully not, his stories in Doctor Who are not very good Sci Fi wise

Although Sherlocks stories are pretty good but I'm sure he co-writes that.

darklordzor1613d ago

Agreed, I never understood why all the geeks have flocked to him about his stories. I never found them all that smart. They can be plenty of fun, but think about them too long and things fall apart.

SouthClaw1613d ago

RTD was much better running the show. Maybe another change in management is needed.

-Foxtrot1613d ago

I agree

I know some of his stories were a little cheesy but so are Moffats at times. I felt RTD knew more about Doctor Who and respected the old series more

I mean I found it better when RTD kept it so the Doctor only had one companion but Moffat has this thing where he tries to bring in as many people as he can and gives his companions deep stories which drag on.

I honestly couldn't care less for Amy, Rory, he ruined River Song and Clara is boring as hell. Now they are bringing in this black guy who is the head teacher or something of the school she works at. I hope Clara leaves at the end of this series. We need another Donna Noble.

SouthClaw1613d ago

Moffat still hasn't explained why the tardis blew up or who the voice was who was talking when it blew up.

Rory was boring but Amy was hot. Donna was probably my fav because she wasn't a girlfriend type she was just a good friend to the doctor.

RTD didn't drag story lines through seasons. RTD like you said respected the original show. I hate the weeping angels they are boring.

Now they have completely changed the Daleks... then they bring back the old Daleks for the asylum episode. Yes they showed a few new ones but they didn't explain why the new and old were together. If they were in keeping with the story line the new Daleks would have killed the old ones. Don't get me wrong I think the new ones look pretty good but the old ones are just classic.

I just really don't like moffat he is overrated.

RTD brought back a lot of the great old bad guys. Under moffat we have had split seasons and longer times between seasons. The day of the doctor was an ok story line. But most of his stories are boring.

-Foxtrot1613d ago

The guy just seems to have no respect for continuity. He's using the "Oh it's Doctor Who, who cares, anything can happen" excuse way too much

It ticks me off more that he's bringing Madame Vastra, Jenny Flint and Strax back for Peter Capaldis FIRST episode, I mean why? The episode should focus on him and Clara more then other characters.

Seriously I'm glad Matt is gone (I never liked him, too young for my tastes and he was too immature, made the show more kid like) but I hope he goes after Season 9 and he takes Clara with him.