Game of Thrones, Before and After VFX Shown Off in this Video Clip

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While we're between seasons of Game of Thrones a VFX studio that works on the show has kindly released a video showing its efforts, to keep us entertained.

The VFX showreel, from Macklevision VFX, shows what the world looks like before and after VFX are added in. Even the video is made in a cool way that quite literally drops the virtual backgrounds in as the scene plays out.

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dota2champion1651d ago

i wonder how much it cost to produce on the cgi on game of thrones

Crazay1651d ago

Each episode is about $6 million to make.

ProjectVulcan1651d ago (Edited 1651d ago )

It's a lot. It seems to be well spent though, the quality of everything is so high, the 4th season felt like a movie in it's execution (pardon the pun) at times.

The CGI is fantastic, it's only when you watch a video like this do you realise half of the scene doesn't even exist, most of it so subtle you don't even think of it as CGI.

As an aside talk of TV show budgets always remind me of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

The last seasons of those over 20 years ago now in 1992 and 1993 cost something like $2m dollars an episode on average, and they made not 10, but 26 episodes in a season.

That was one hell of an expensive show.

masterfox1651d ago

wow that was pretty amazing, I have never watched a game of thrones episode, in fact I have years I haven't watched a series, always find it very unoriginal and very poorly cast of actors and also the use of cheap scenarios, but seeing this video I'm really surprised on the presentation.

Tiqila1651d ago (Edited 1651d ago )

wow, if you think got has a poorly cast of actors I would like to know which other tv series, according to your obviously very high standards, has a good cast of actors. Definitely gonna watch it, though I have no clue what this series would be.

EDIT: or were you referring to tv series in general having a poor cast of actors? In that case I recommend you watching game of thrones!

outsider16241651d ago

how much does it make it return though?