Why Ancient Aliens Might Be The Funniest Show on TV

TVOM: "For the first season or so, the History Channel show Ancient Aliens was awesome. It showed and taught a lot of non-believers some interesting things about the un-explainable history of our world, and some of the stranger locations around the world that some think are alien in origin. It was a fun and interesting ride. But then something happened. The show (which should have a Cosmos style mini-series) just kept going. At first the show was like: These two dozen, two hundred thousand pound stones were moved into a certain shape by God knows what, long before we had the means to do it. Their conclusion to all of this was aliens. Fine. That worked for us a few times. Now, many seasons deep, and the show is clearly grasping at straws."

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-Foxtrot1615d ago

Not really...I find it pretty interesting.

True, some things they talk about are a little far fetched in the later series but some of those far fetched looking episodes with the over the top episode title actually end up being about something completely different. Take the "Aliens and Bigfoot" episode for example, they talked about Bigfoot for like 5-10 mins and the rest was talking about myths/legends of giants/beasts in general. They used "Bigfoot" as more of a mainstream thing to try and grab peoples attention

However in my opinion these attention seeking titles end up making the theory in general more laughable which makes the show get laughed at and not taken seriously...something they've been trying to overcome for years.

Honestly I like it, as I've said some things seem a little over the top and far fetched but as I've noticed in the show it's not like they try to shove it down anyones throats and are like "HEY...this is FACT, believe us" it's basically "This is our theory, here you go, try to think about stuff in a different way, it's up to you". Not to mention there are so many theorists on the show and if one, JUST ONE of them says something far fetched which HE believes people end up making out like all of them think the same thing. When you actually watch it though you'll see everyone has their own interpretations of what could of happened or what might of went down.

I mean I'd rather believe some of their theories about the past rather then the crap you are supposed to believe in something like the Bible.

MrDead1613d ago (Edited 1613d ago )

It's funny as almost everything they come out with about aliens or aliens that have influenced ancient civilisations can be rubbished by spending about 5 seconds online and reading articles from actual scientists, archaeologists or historians.

Also have you noticed that most of these people have something to sell? They all seem to be authors ,the show seems to be a platform for them to cram there whacked out theory’s in our ears and generate a few more book sales for themselves.

-Foxtrot1613d ago

How can it be "rubbished", it's just a theory like most scientific theories today. We accept them as fact because sometimes we don't have the research or tec to do further studies to prove something else.

Besides most of the stuff they talk about they have a point. Again it's not shoving it down your throat where it's like "We are right, everything else is wrong". I mean I don't believe the Egyptians could build the Pyramids with such precision to the Star Alignments and also in the same position as the Orion belt. They were smart but with the tools at the time it never made sense in my opinion. Can they prove it no...but it does make you think.

"Also have you noticed that most of these people have something to sell?"

What about shows like The Universe or scientific based shows, aren't most of those authors who have books out there. That's why most of the people on these types of shows are brought in, because they are researchers who have wrote about this whether it's for books, research papers or in general.

At the end of the day, the stuff that tries to disprove the theory the shows introduces can't be written off by online reading because at the end of the day it's one theory vs another.