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Falling Skies teased a bit too much potential last week with the Espheni leader talking about bigger threats it he universe that they’re focused on and how humanity doesn’t mean much to them if they can’t be used in the fight. That at least explained why they’re working on the hybrids, either through harnesses or breeding, in order to give them the kind of physical army they need to deal with whatever this threat is. If there eve is a threat, a question that Tom should be asking of Cochise at some point when the two have time together again. The idea of painting the Espheni in a different light because of this is interesting, but based on how the series has worked so far I don’t expect it to be used well, if it’s even really worked with again. I’m just too wary since any changes they introduce like this now makes it harder to understand why the Espheni did what they did during the original invasion.

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