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Is Anthony Mackie Going To Be The New Big-Screen Captain America?


We're about to see two Steve Rogers' step down from the mantle of Captain America. Chris Evans is expected to put down the shield at the end of The Avengers 3, which is expected to hit theaters in 2017 or 2018. But before that, another Steve Rogers has already taken a knee, as Marvel Comics has removed the Super Soldier Serum from Rogers' body, turning him into a ninety year old man both physically and emotionally. We'll have to wait a while to find out who will end up being Evans' replacement, but in October, Captain America #25 hits the stands with a younger alternative in the red, white and blue.

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Crazay1566d ago

It could kinda make a little sense if the comics go this route. I'd much prefer this to just changing a characters race for the sake of changing it(Looking at you Spider-man and Fantastic 4).

spartanlemur1566d ago

This. I have zero issues with Marvel passing the Mantle to an actor who looks very different to the original as part of the story, but the way it was done in Fantastic 4 ruined that movie for me; I ended up giving it a miss.

dota2champion1566d ago

All the comic book fan stated that the bucky barnes replaces captain america.

Crazay1566d ago

Ya but there's a current story arc where Captain gives up the mantle of Captain and someone else takes the lead. Speculation is this is who that person will be when the announcement happens.

-Foxtrot1566d ago

Why...they have Bucky, if they did this it would be changing the character to a black guy for the sake of it.

Falcon is a pretty decent and well done character on his own, let him develop his character more.

maniacmayhem1566d ago

Bucky has already been Captain America in the comic. There is a current rumor that Falcon will become Captain America in the comic.

And it would make more sense if he took it up in the movie universe more than Bucky who hasn't been developed at all and is still searching for the truth about himself.

Crazay1566d ago

Technically I'm not sure I agree with your assessment of Bucky not being developed yet. His character was in the first Cap movie and then the 2nd where you learn more about his backstory - They just fleshed him out better. If anything I would say Bucky is the better guy based on what they've done in the movies and the character development thus far.

-Foxtrot1566d ago

He's more developed then Falcon because he was one of the main characters in the First Avenger and now has had development in The Winter Soldier.

By the time Steve Rogers bows out Bucky could of found the truth about himself. We still have Captain American 3 and Avengers 3 to go

Why skip over stuff in the comic, stick to the source material. They've introduced Bucky, they've made him the Winter Soldier and now lets see him as Captain America.

Chevalier1565d ago

Bucky will be the new Captain America. They have 2 Avenger movies and one Captain America movie and a lot more movies in between to finish setting up the transition. Just look at the contracts. Chris Evans has a 6 picture deal whereas Sebastian Stan has a 9 picture deal with Marvel/Disney.

maniacmayhem1566d ago (Edited 1566d ago )

Bucky is still on the run and still confused about who he is and not to mention the many years of assassinating and killing top political people.

It makes more sense for Falcon to take up the mantle right now since one, he is already a good guy, two he's already working with Cap.

"Why skip over stuff in the comic, stick to the source material"

The movies don't necessarily follow the comic. Besides if you want to speak on source material then there has already been a black Captain America in the Marvel continuity, even before Steve Rogers. So changing cap to be black wouldn't be for the sake of anything. (and shouldn't matter)

-Foxtrot1565d ago

Yeah but your missing the point by the time Steve bows out Bucky will have found himself and learnt the truth. They've already said Steve might try to find Bucky in Captain America 3 so aslong as Bucky is involved a little in Avengers 3 they could do it so when he dies or "dies" they'll write the fourth film around Bucky and how in the end he'll become Captain America.

It would be silly at the moment for Falcon to become Captain America when he dosen't have any strong qualities. Bucky isn't a Super Soldier but the experiments he's had done to him, his training and his metal arm would come in handy.

He managed to take on Steve alright during their fights but if it was Falcon, he would stand a chance.

acemonkey1565d ago

lol seeing a black captain america first appeared in 2003 and steve rogers captain america 1941?

and i dont believe the black captain america is still active. theres only one other guy that can carry the sheild and thats Bucky and as far as him going mental state? lol he was captain america a short time after Steve died. Im okay for killing captain america(steve) in the Marvel Cinematic universe but not like how the comics did it during civil war

Darrius Cole1565d ago

As I was unaware of the black Captain America, I read Maniac's link. There is no way in hell that Marvel puts that story on the Silver Screen. It tells too much of the dirty underside of American history.

Hergula1566d ago

I would cry myself to sleep if that would be true....

alycakes1566d ago

I really don't give that rumor much credit myself If I had to bet on it

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