J.J. Abrams Shooting Star Wars Episode VII In IMAX?


The official Twitter account for J.J. Abrams' production company Bad Robot have sent out a photo which seemingly confirms that Star Wars Episode VII is at least partially being shot with IMAX cameras, just like Star Trek Into Darkness before it.

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Crazay1615d ago

is there another series that would be an absolute no-brainer to shoot in IMAX?

darklordzor1615d ago

Not sure why they put a question mark there. An official press release hit months ago that said they were filming Episode VII in IMAX.

Crazay1615d ago

I don't make up the titles. I just post em.

darklordzor1615d ago

Oh I know, I'm more remarking on the person who wrote the article. He's a goober, who thinks he's hot shit but continually doesn't check facts or sources.

Crazay1615d ago

good friend of yours?

DarkBlood1614d ago

Im assuming I max is a big deal but what does it do different if i may ask?

Crazay1614d ago

really large image - incredibly crisp. Some of the Batman movies were done in IMAX. if watch The Dark Knight, youll notice some scenes aren't really letterbox (takes up full viewable screen) and it's beautiful

sjaakiejj1614d ago

I think that was pretty much a given lol

johny51613d ago

Hopefully they master it in Dolby Atmos and 8k!

I would love to have the originals untouched in 4k with a remastered Atmos soundtrack!

Pretty please Santa....