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WB is Bringing The Hobbit, Mad Max, and Jupiter Ascending to SDCC 2014

From Cinelinx:

We are only a few weeks away from the geeky awesomeness that is San Diego Comic-Con, and studios are lining up to show off their upcoming slate of projects. Today, Warner Bros. announced details on what they plan on bringing to the show, including the DC Comics based TV shows, Batman anniversary celebration, and first looks at the final Hobbit film and Mad Max Fury Road.

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Soldierone2336d ago

Pretty sure ALL Comic Con fans only want ONE thing to be there from WB. Superman vs Batman, that's it. It is COMIC Con right? :P

darklordzor2336d ago

There's no way they aren't doing something BvS at Comic-Con. Seriously. People looking at this and thinking there won't just make me laugh and shake my head. They want some surprises. I mean, they didn't announce anything about their superhero films last year either, but then dropped the bomb with BvS! They want some surprises for the show.

Soldierone2335d ago

For sure. I was thinking this too. They can hide it all they want, they know what we want to see and it will be there. It's been "leaking" small stuff for way too long haha

WizzroSupreme2332d ago

This is awesome. Great they decided to tell their own story and not just shoehorn in a Tom Hardy licensed game.