TVF Major Crimes Review: What Would You Think

Rusty has come out of the closet.

On Major Crimes Season 3 Episode 5, Rusty used a case about a girl who went against her social mores and disappointed her family as the catalyst to reveal his big secret.

Honestly, I didn't know if any of what we saw was real or fantasy until the last five minutes.

As a storytelling vehicle, I wish it had all been fantasy, with very little reality infused. While I can believe that Rusty is empathetic and could probably glean a lot of Lena Madhaven's story merely by identifying with her, he would have been unable to tell Dr. Joe all of the details he shared.

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alycakes1652d ago

This was again an entertaining episode that led to Rusty's finally coming out. It was of no surprise to anyone so it was a surprise to him that no one reacted as he thought they would.