Where Are All The Female Superheroes

The comic-book genre continues to thrive at the box-office, but have past interpretations of female superheroes blighted the possibility of other cinema-worthy comic book women getting their own movies?

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themightyme1614d ago

female super heroes are tricky, because most of them come from a ridiculous and misogynistic place, and yet the lack of them comes across as misogynistic as well. The problem is that they are overly sexualized and often made to hold up femininity at the expense of logic unlike their male counterparts... for example.. she-hulk vs hulk... the hulk is a green mass of muscles on top of muscles, a behemoth... she hulk is a green super model.. it is similar to "the mandarin" which is a really racist character design by modern context which lead to a creative solution in iron man 3. I think that is why Marvel has chosen primarily to focus on new female characters as well as smaller female roles that had more potential to be strong female roles like black widow.