Kevin Smith Will Address Batman v Superman Fake Script Rumor Tomorrow


Last week, Movie Web reported that Kevin Smith was behind a fake Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice script that has been floating around the internet and tomorrow the Clerks director/screenwriter will address them.


Kevin Smith has denied writing a fake script - check his response here.

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darklordzor1568d ago

That fact that he's announcing he's going to talk about it, makes me wonder if there's actually some truth to it. Otherwise, I imagine he'd just come out and say, no.

Crazay1568d ago

I guess his twitter has been blown up by it and he wants to address it... Even if he says no, I still think he's likely full of it. he's had access to so much information about the movie for so long. I just can't see someone being an outsider to the project getting so much so early.

Soldierone1567d ago

He has been in the news for so many things lately and he doesn't even have anything coming out soon. Even Clerks 3 hasn't started filming yet.

Crazay1567d ago

Tusk is coming soon then a spin-off film from that and then a Horror Anthology then Clerks.

ReelKid1567d ago

i think we literally responded at the same time haha

Soldierone1567d ago

Yeah, right after my comment locked to where I couldn't edit it my mind went ".....Tusk you moron." haha

ReelKid1567d ago (Edited 1567d ago )

Actually he has a movie called Tusk coming out soon and it sounds promising