Brandon Routh Joins Arrow As 'The Atom'


The former Superman will get his chance to play another major DC superhero when he joins the CW's Arrow in a recurring role as Ray Palmer, aka The Atom!

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darklordzor1567d ago

Wow, that's not something I expected. It's going to be tough for some to not see him as Superman, especially since he's been in a DC property before. Oh well, if Chris Evans can do it, so can Routh.

Crazay1566d ago

I like Brandon Routh. I'm hoping this is something that he can do for a while.

darklordzor1566d ago

I like Routh too! I think he was good for the Superman role, and the problem wasn't with him, but in the film's story.

Crazay1566d ago

Exactly. I thought he was an awesome Superman. I love Henry Cavil though don't get me wrong.

badz1491566d ago

OMG am I glad to see many comments here thinking the same thing as me all along that Brandon Routh was a great Superman. I always think that he was perfect for the role and I don't know what many hate so much about Superman Returns because I totally love it. enough for me to watch it over and over more than I watch the Avengers even!

it's not top notch per se but still a good one and really shows what being a Superman really is! the emo direction that the Cavil Superman brings with him doesn't really fit well with the Superman image and I think Man of Steel is overrated! watched it twice and I'm done!

It doesn't really matter now what I think because Cavil is keeping the job but add Afflect as Batman...I really don't have high hope for the Versus movie. might be just another CGI ridden BS incoming!

TheRealHeisenberg1566d ago

I loved it and thought Brandon was perfect for the role as well. Absolutely no issue with Henry Cavil either; he was outstanding.

Porcelain_Chicken1566d ago

Routh was just in a really bad Superman movie. Odd looking costume, way to skinny & baby faced. It was a sequel, prequel, reimagining of the Donner flicks. Lex was prostituting himself to rich old ladies. Superman had a kid & was apparently a crappy father. As a continuation of the Donner flicks i think it was doomed from the start.

But yeah his career was hurting for a while. He's not a bad actor so i'm glad the Arrow guys gave him such an awesome opportunity.

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ironfist921566d ago

Thats epic news! I enjoyed Superman Returns for what it was. Felt more like a slow paced episode in the grand story of Superman, sure, but it was still good.

Although I wonder if he's gonna be just Ray Palmer, or if he's going to have The Atom's abilities and ppersona.

Soldierone1566d ago

Pretty awesome! Routh was a great Superman and I fought for him to come back right up to the very second I saw Cavil doing it haha (Both are awesome!)

StarWarsFan1566d ago

I'm glad to see Brandon Routh in a major production. I think he got too much of the blame for Superman Returns. I think he did a fine job. I certainly don't think Henry Cavil blew him out of the water in any respect.

Crazay1566d ago

Really? I guess if you look at them as 2 completely different people personality wise. Brandon Routh was the All American guy from Kansas with a nice smile a perfect fit to continue the Superman that was once so well embodied by Christopher Reeves. With Cavill being a more serious "darker (i hate using that term but it's true) Superman.

Edvin19841566d ago

I liked both movies, as I am a Superman sell out; however, I never liked this as you call it darker theme. Also, I preferred Brandon as Superman as he was Superman just like Christopher before him. Cavill on the other hand to me feels like a forgettable Superman all around. I am sure I'll eat my words when the next SupermanVsBatman movie ships.