Star Wars Episode VII Production Update


At the end of last year Lucasfilm and Disney invited all young aspiring actors to attend an open casting call for roles in J.J Abrams’ Star Wars Episode VII. The casting calls spanned 11 cities across the US and UK and over 37,000 hopefuls attended, with a further 30,000 submitting applications online.

Having hunted high and low for young and undiscovered talent, the filmmakers are delighted to announce that two actors from the open call call have been cast.

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johny51653d ago (Edited 1653d ago )

Should have concentrated casting in the United Sates, all the original main actors are from the US and with the way they carry themselves you can tell!

at least for the main actors, they should have found people in the US with the same acting qualities that brought Ford, Hamill, Fisher to fame.

darklordzor1653d ago

You're joking right? Most of the cast of Star Wars movies, aside from a handful, were from Britain. Darth Vader, Obi-Wan (both versions), Tarkin, Palpatine, Dooku, Mon countless other bit parts were all cast from across the pond. If anything, picking US actors would go AGAINST the norm.

johny51653d ago

I was talking about the three protagonists!

Darth Vader? Sure but not the voice actor, no British could do the voice justice like James Earl Jones, not to mention Lando, Boba Fett...

darklordzor1653d ago

Jeremy Bulloch, who played the original Boba Fett was also from England. The guys who played Jango and Boba Fett in the prequels were from New Zealand...Again, not from the US. Natalie Portman (Padme Amidala) is Israeli.

Chancellor Valorum

All from England!

GiantEnemyCrab1653d ago

Yoda from England? Jim Henson is English? WTF?

darklordzor1653d ago

Yoda was voiced and controlled by Frank Oz, from England, not Jim Henson.

Rute1653d ago

I always had a suspicion that Chewbacca was english. The cultivated oxford accent comes clearly through in his dialogue.

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awiseman1653d ago

If they did that they would lose out. The acting scene is not the same here in the US as it was in the 70's. Now any clown who can yell in slo mo whilst looking handsome/beautiful can get a gig.

oldassgamer1653d ago

@Rute - you sir get a bubble for that one. Gave me a good laugh