5 Unreleased Movies We're Dying to See: Enemy, Snowpiercer, Spectacular Now

Digital Spy: "Every now and then, a film falls through the cracks. Independent dramas in particular are susceptible to a weird phenomenon we'll call the Distribution Bermuda Triangle – they're made, they play at a film festival or two, they rack up some early buzz and movie fans get excited."

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Yi-Long1617d ago

Don't forget Wong Kar Wai's The Grandmasters has been butchered for western releases as well.

I watched it last year in Hong Kong, and it's an absolutely tremendous movie, but there's no way I'm picking up a western cut release, which also has altered music, I believe.

It's tragic how very little respect Asian movies receive when it comes to just getting uncut releases in the west. So many great great movies have been ruïned because of it.

I'm glad Boon Joon-Ho has seemingly stood his ground against Weinstein, so hopefully his movie will indeed get released uncut. I just wish more directors and actors would do the same.