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Fake 'Batman v Superman' Script Written and Leaked by Kevin Smith?

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Warner Bros. commissioned director Kevin Smith to write a fake script, throwing fans off the trailer of what Zack Sndyer is actually doing with 'Dawn of Justice'.

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darklordzor2474d ago

Such a bizarre rumor! I'm not even sure what to think. It seems like it'd be a big waste of time and money for a studio to commission a fake script, just to keep the real one secret. Sounds too far-fetched, though maybe that's just because I hope studios haven't started doing something so ridiculous.

Crazay2474d ago

I could see it. For starters, you know that Kevin Smith is a huge jokester, secondly, he's suddenly been given a whole lot of extra inside looks at this movie from the very beginning and he's not even involved in the movie in any way that we're aware of.

Crazay2474d ago

Also, why would you hope that they don't do these things? For me, if it manages to keep the integrity of the movie - why not? Imagine how pissed people would have been if the news of Vader being Luke's father because someone released a copy of the working script or some extra was on set at the time of the reveal?

Pandemonium I say.