Knights Of Sidonia Brings Sci-Fi Anime Action To Netflix

From GFR:

As part of its quest to compete with the likes of HBO and AMC, Netflix has backed a diverse array of original content. They resurrected the beloved-but-canceled former Fox comedy Arrested Development and ensured fans got to see the sixth season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. They served up the critically acclaimed political drama House of Cards and prison dramedy Orange Is the New Black.And, well, they also gave us Hemlock Grove, but they can’t all be winners. Now Netflix is stepping into another corner of new territory, with the anime series Knights of Sidonia due to premiere on the streaming service this Friday, July 4. You can check out the trailer up top.

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darklordzor2640d ago

I'm always down for new anime (though I haven't been as into anime lately), especially since this one gives me that Robotech vibe.