Game Of Thrones Star Implies Lady Stoneheart May Never Appear

Michelle Fairley has made another show-stopping TV exit—only this one had fans cheering and laughing instead of screaming and crying. On Monday’s 24, Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) threw Fairley’s drone-hijacking terrorist Margot Al-Harazi out a fifth story window after she dared to give him some sass-talk. (Plus she was handcuffed, which made it even better). But for Game of Thrones fans, the scene evoked some freaky deja vu: Margot watches her son get killed by Bauer before she’s killed herself, echoing Catelyn Stark’s “Red Wedding” fate. Below, Fairley talks 24: Game of Drones—and also addresses the Thrones fan uproar over a certain “LS.”

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gunnerforlife2478d ago

I beg you change the title! The title itself is full of spoilers!

dota2champion2478d ago

Fans of the book already spoil it. They were like "why didn't lady stoneheart appear at the end of episode 10"