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11 More Superhero Movies That Almost Happened


A little over a year ago, we debuted an article here on SuperHeroHype titled 9 Superhero Movies That Almost Happened, and since then the piece has gone on to become one of our most popular features. Even since before I finished working on the first one, I knew there were plenty of other abandoned super projects that it would be possible to keep the trend going should everyone be interested in reading about them, and apparently you are. With that, here's another collection of superhero movies that almost made it to the big screen, except this one goes to eleven.

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Crazay2399d ago

I would have loved to see Sandman and Wolfgang petersens Superman vs Batman.

I'm still super jacked up for the one we're getting though.

Simon_Brezhnev2399d ago

I seriously hate sites like this. I'm not going to click 11 times.

Crazay2398d ago

It's not that bad dude. it's actually a good read and each movie gets a good sized article to go along with.

TXIDarkAvenger2398d ago (Edited 2398d ago )

Batman Beyond live-action would be awesome.

darklordzor2398d ago

I've always lamented that we never got the Batman Beyond movie. It's one of my favorite comic series (and cartoons) and was able to tell stories that we haven't seen on the big screen before. It's a totally different take on the Batman character, which is what's needed nowadays.

Crazay2398d ago

I've never actually seen an episode but I know the concept behind it which is why i think it could work.

darklordzor2398d ago

They're all on Netflix now and definitely worth a watch. Really good, like original Batman Animated Series good.

I've read a lot of the comics for Beyond as well and love them.

Crazay2398d ago

If I think of it, perhaps I'll check out an episode when the wife and daughter are away Saturday Afternoon.