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Simon Kinberg Says Ridley Scott’s Next Film Is ‘The Martian’ With Matt Damon & Shoots This Fall

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When Ridley Scott’s “The Martian” was announced with Matt Damon in the lead a few months ago, it sounded like it had a lot of heat and would be next for the prodigious and eclectic filmmaker. And according to writer Simon Kinberg, it is, and it’s shooting this fall (via Jeff Goldsmith’s great podcast). The much in-demand writer’s career—“X-Men: Days Of Future Past,” “The Fantastic Four” reboot, writing and producing a “Star Wars” movie—has really taken off in the last 18 months, and he’s become the go-to guy for blockbusters. What’s his role on “The Martian”? Well, he’s one of the main producers.

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darklordzor2312d ago

Well poo. Guess this means Prometheus 2 will have to keep waiting.

RetrospectRealm2312d ago

My hype for Prometheus 2 is too much man...