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Could Marvel Lose the Rights to Key Superhero Properties?

WSCS: The U.S. Supreme Court is expected to make a decision soon on whether it will hear a dispute between Marvel and the heirs of comic book legend Jack Kirby in a case that could impact the ownership of major Marvel-Disney properties including Captain America, the Fantastic Four, Iron Man, Hulk, the Silver Surfer, and many more. Now, the case is getting some major backing from some of Hollywood’s most powerful creative guilds: SAG-AFTRA, the DGA, and the WGA.

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DarkBlood2511d ago

Im not syre I understand the whole thing all I got that they could lose some character ip but I thought this all belong to marvel anyways why is there another party involved?

Hroach6162511d ago (Edited 2511d ago )

I don't think the Kirby heirs have a right to anything. Jack Kirby was a freelancer for marvel at the time he created most, if not all, of the characters he co-created. They were/are the legal property of marvel and always have been. We have seen this many many times over the years. ALMOST always not by the original created or co-creator, but by they're remaining family. It's just a money grab from people who had famous or semi famous family members.

Even Stan Lee has said on multiple occasions that he worked as a free lance creator and he never owened the actuall rights to the many characters he created. But he had a good relationship with marvel so they continue to give him credit up front on most of they're property's. He hasn't had any problem with the way things are so far.

Just wait till the sad day he passes away. I would bet on his family trying to do the same thing just for an easy payday.

Porcelain_Chicken2511d ago

Pretty much. I wonder what the odds are of Marvel actually losing those rights. I mean far more stupid lawsuits have been won.

Hroach6162511d ago

Yeah that's true. A few other cases like this have been won. Most likely if they did win it wouldn't be a straight win. Marvel would just have to give them a credit on anything those characters appeared in and they would either get a yearly salary or a one time payment to use the characters. Marvel would prob still own them. But they would have to pay out for whatever stupid reason the judge came up with.

It's all bullshit. Any contracts they are trying to apply prob didn't come into effect till way after these agreements were signed in the first place. Like several decades. We will see what happens I guess.

But really either way I doubt anything would significantly change. Just a new name added into credits and they pay more money out on future projects.

SilentNegotiator2511d ago

I expect a Superman type arrangement at most; some royalties and credit in absolutely anything involving those characters.

Soldierone2511d ago

There are two problems with this.

1 Being the major problem. Superman just went through this. Family of creators think they get a piece of the pie and it's stupid. Superman rules in favor of DC Comics, so if Marvel by some miracle loses this they will just appeal and request that the Superman case be used as support.

2 Stan Lee stated many times that a lot of projects there were already ideas at Marvel, he just took over. With him was Kirby. They both freelanced and worked on titles owned by Marvel, rather they created them or not. Captain America was already made by the time Lee came in and Kirby didn't want to help at first, but ended up helping.

Overall, do your own work. He helped, he has a legacy, you guys (the "heirs") mean nothing and did nothing to have it.

Agent_hitman2511d ago

I think Disney is buying most of the Comic studios in US lately. I think there's no more competition other than videogame's IPs like on Sony and Nintendo with their iconic mascots.

sonic9892511d ago

correct thats why Sony is focusing into publicly loud their characters and franchises .
nintendo is the same too but they need to use their IPs on things more than just games and i think amiibo is a great idea .