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Teen Wolf Creator Teases Big Bads, New Romance and Fresh Season 4 Faces

Hold on to your seats.

When Teen Wolf Season 4 kicks off tonight, don't expect Scott, Stiles, Lydia, Kira and Malia to be hanging out in Beacon Hills.

Instead, they're in Mexico - and while you'll eventually figure out why they're south of the border, don't expect things to slow down on this thrilling MTV series.

Late last week, Arden Cho gave us her perspective on the new season and on the same set visit we also made sure to grab some time with series creator Jeff Davis to talk a different kind of big bad this year, the love lives of our characters and some of the new faces that we'll see on the episodes to come.

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alycakes2485d ago

This will be an interesting season with all that happened last season. I don't know about the new faces but I sure hope the old faces still left stick around. I'm very attached to them and I didn't like loosing the ones that did die at the end like Allyson so hopefully this won't happen to the rest of the good ones.