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TVF The Last Ship Review: Mankind's Only Hope

You either love Michael Bay productions or you hate them.

Lucky for you (and me) I happen to love his over-the-top sense of adventure -- and The Last Ship Season 1 Episode 1 brings to life the end of the world and the hope for survival aboard a Naval destroyer.

Eric Dane is Commander Chandler -- the man who will keep everyone safe -- and Rhona Mitra is Rachel, the paleomicrobiologist who can create a vaccine to save what remains after 80% of the world's population succumbs to a virulent strain of a mutated virus.

The Last Ship aims big and, in the first hour, it delivers.

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alycakes2485d ago

I enjoyed the new show last night. It had some good material and good actors in it. I don't know how long this can go on with the subject matter that they have to deal with but it's very interesting so I'm going to give it a chance and see where it goes.