Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods Gets a Theatrical Trailer for North American Release

From Cinelinx:

The latest Dragon Ball Z movie, Battle of Gods (the first new one in 17 years) is getting a theatrical release in a few months when it finally comes over to North America. While we've seen a teaser trailer, today, Funimation has released a theatrical trailer for DBZ fans to enjoy.

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darklordzor2172d ago

I'm surprised at how excited I am for this. I love DBZ, and have been craving something new for a very long time. Hopefully, if this is successful, maybe we'll end up with more new DBZ stuff.

aDDicteD2171d ago

i saw this film, its good watching but i dont think you will enjoy it more in a movie because it is not as serious and straightforward like some DBZ movies such as cooler or broilly. its justa happy happy film with some cool brief fight scenes.