Jason Momoa Will Play Aquaman in 'Dawn Of Justice,' & We Know How It'll Happen

HitFix: So remember a few weeks ago when Jason Momoa made headlines because he said he was tired of being asked if he was going to play Aquaman in "Batman Vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice"?

Well, he's totally playing Aquaman in "Batman Vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice."

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Porcelain_Chicken1838d ago

Momoa would be so badass playing a Peter David-esque Aquaman. There's definitely more to Momoa than just the random grunting meat-head roles he usually plays. I think this would be a cool choice.

Hergula1837d ago

Another rumor? oh... well, back I go...

OSIRUSSS1837d ago

He looks more like sub mariner to me!

cell9891837d ago

Seems like they are trying to portray Submariner more than aquaman sigh

Porcelain_Chicken1836d ago

You got all of that info from a casting rumor? o_- We haven't even seen the script dude!!

cell9891835d ago

true but watch my prediction come true

cell9891835d ago

have they announced who the Villain will be?

Porcelain_Chicken1834d ago (Edited 1834d ago )

We'll see lol. All of Snyder's comic book adaptations have been spot-on. Superman, Check. Batman (look-wise), Check. Rorshach, Check. Dr. Manhattan, Check. The Comedian, Check. Silk Spectre, Double Check. Nite Owl, Double Check. The entire 300 movie, Checkmate.

Say what you want but Snyder's characters look like they walked off the pages of their respective comic. I bet if Momoa does get the role, he'll look exactly like the Peter David Aquaman. Minus the hook hand.

And so far there's only Luthor. They said there'd be a 2nd villain. Rumours range from Callan Mulvey as the Joker, to Callan Mulvey as Metallo, to Jason's Aquaman actually being the baddie.

dota2champion1837d ago

I was thinking he'll play a villain

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