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WWE Monday Night Raw Post-Show on Mega Powers Radio 6/9/14

Daniel Bryan has been stripped of the WWE World Heavyweight Title on WWE Raw tonight. Who will be our next champion? It's been a week since Seth Rollins shocked the world and turned his back on his Shield brothers. How will Raw follow it up?? These topics and more will be discussed after Raw goes off the air on the MPR Raw Post Show! And best of all, you're invited to join the conversation as well! Tune in and join in for the most interactive post-Raw experience available!

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NotALemon2326d ago

Gotta be Roman Reigns. Guy is way too big of a beast right now!

LocumSelf2326d ago

Roman Reigns or Seth Rollins, this whole Shield story is by far the most compelling thing they've done all year. Only makes sense to bring the belt into it.