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Teen Wolf Trailer: Meet the New Baddies

MTV has released a new trailer for Teen Wolf Season 4.

And, unlike the previous teaser for this smash summer hit, the latest promo features actual footage from upcoming episodes.

Specifically, the 30-second spot features a pair of fresh/terrifying/mysterious characters cropping up toward the end. Who are they? Heck... what are they?!?

The above promo also gives us a look at an exchange between Stiles and Lydia, along with Kira and Malia, while also kicking off - tragically - with a reminder of how Teen Wolf Season 3 concluded.

Rest in peace, Allison Argent.

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alycakes2500d ago

I still can't believe that they killed Allison out of the show but that's life in this type of show. I can't wait for this next season to see what is non-stop stress.

Alxe2500d ago

when will next season start?

Batnut002499d ago

I loved this show but Season three in the beginning kind of got rocky for me and Real life pulled me away from being able to catch up, did it get better?

Excalibur2499d ago

Started off good but when off the rails.