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Edge of Tomorrow is the latest Tom Cruise starring summer blockbuster to hit the silver screen, and it’s easily one of his best science fiction films to date. He along with Emily Blunt provide masterful performances in what could be the best geeky movie released in 2014 so far. Edge of Tomorrow is well written, action packed, and smart, which makes for a thrilling movie going experience that keeps your imagination a prisoner of its awesomeness throughout its near 2-hour runtime.

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HAMM3RofBUDDHA2500d ago

Fantastic film to say the least.

febzilla2500d ago

Now I'm excited to see this movie.

TenBensons2500d ago

100/100 bit high for a Groundhog Day ripoff? Still looks interesting so will def check it out.

Cusmar3502500d ago

It's hardly like Groundhog Day was the first to use its conceit.

Cusmar3502500d ago

I liked this a good big. Not enough to give it 100 (had some problems with it) but it was pretty good.