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‘The Stand’ Director Josh Boone Crafting 3-Hour, R-Rated Adaptation

From Slashfilm:

When The Fault in Our Stars director Josh Boone was hired to direct The Stand for Warner Bros., we assumed that the intent on the studio side would be to make a film or pair of films with a broad appeal. In other words, we figured that WB wanted Boone to craft a film that could harness some of the teen appeal and social media buzz of The Fault in Our Stars. Turns out that might not be quite the case, as the director says he plans a single film (but a very long one) with an R rating.

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darklordzor2572d ago

This would fall into the news within an interview slot. :D

Crazay2572d ago

This would fall under the "What's the point" category for me.

A book and story as big as The Stand, deserves and NEEDS more than a single 3hr movie. It needs to be a 1-2 season series on TV.

darklordzor2572d ago

Meh, I wouldn't care for a TV series, as I don't think it'd go as dark as it needs to (unless it was some HBO thingy), but a duology of films would be pretty sweet.

afalco7132572d ago

I have a feeling that in the coming months, the three hours or the R rating will be cut down.

barb_wire2572d ago

To a 90min PG-13 CGI-fest.