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Edge Of Tomorrow Review - IGN

IGN - Tom Cruise is a hard man to kill. He’s played the lead in more than 30 films, many of which have revolved around life-or-death situations, yet can you remember watching him die onscreen? The man is pretty much bullet-proof, so the fact that he dies multiple times in new film Edge of Tomorrow makes it intriguing for that fact alone.

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krazykombatant2506d ago

i would say it was better than an 7.5, went to watch it and I enjoyed every minute of it.

cell9892506d ago

The problem with this critics is they have scrutinize every minute of the film for the sake of being critics. They forget how much they used to love films like Wayne's World or Hotshots Deux, nope now they have to be professional critics, or robots whatever you want to call them

Alxe2506d ago

cant say any thing.. didn't watch it yet. :P

Somebody2506d ago

What's up with Tom Cruise's obsession with multiple lives?

First it was Oblivion where there was a spaceship full of clones of his character with deceitful aliens.

Then, there was that rumor of his interest in getting the anime Yukikaze into a live action movie which also has clones and aliens tricking humans.

Now, Edge of Tomorrow where we see versions of him over and over again. With aliens, again.

coolbeans2506d ago

Still looks pretty interesting to me. Don't get why an IGN movie review would garner this sort of heat tbh.

(Yes, which I've now slightly contributed too now.)

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