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Freakiest Tales to Showcase in “Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark” Movie

Junkie Monkeys: From 1981 to 1991, before Goosebumps took over the horror market for young readers, another set of bone chilling tales wreaked terror on our minds. Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark disturbed me very much as kid and those creepy stories will soon return with a film adaptation. Let’s take a look at some tales that should be featured in this movie.

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Kronus3106d ago

omg this was my favorite reading in my younger days and one of my first serious reads as a youngster. its not to often you come across people talking about this. Good post

Thefreeman0123105d ago

I still have this book in my closet some where. So many childhood memories

Belasco3106d ago

Alfred Hitchcock had a few children's scary tales books, I remember one that I beat to death: Alfred Hitchcock's Ghostly Gallery: Eleven spooky stories for young people

diesoft3105d ago

It isn't as much of the stories so much as the CREEPY art work! If it was animated in that style, my GAWD could it work.