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Adrien Brody Wants to Play Villain in Superhero Action Flick Justice League


Adrien Brody is keeping his fingers crossed for a part in new superhero mash-up film Justice League after missing out to Heath Ledger on the part of The Joker in The Dark Knight.

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Crazay2481d ago

He was a front-runner with Heath Ledger for The Joker.

thorstein2481d ago

"Adrien Brody Wants to Play Villain in Superhero Action Flick Justice League"

So do I. Get in line, Brody.

3-4-52481d ago

ewww not a fan. He's kind of overrated.

Vames2481d ago

Sorry for beating the dead horse again, but it needs to be said. Yesterday's story about Batman vs Superman finally having a title [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice] failed to make to the front page, completely dead and buried. Yet this story, which is so insignificant is at the front page? It should have mad heat right now.

This happens to almost all your submitted stories, even the ones that are so uninteresting.

Either this site has some bullshit algorithm, or things are designed to give your submitted articles an edge.

Hergula2481d ago

The algorithm of the site is indeed questionable, as certain articles may get a high degree, yet it the ones that actually seem to be the most interesting are thrown into the background.

Vames2481d ago (Edited 2481d ago )

More than just a bullshit algorithm. This guy, almost all his stories get over 100 heat with at least 0-1 approvals. As soon as they are published, they hit the front-page. I'm not the only person who sees this.

Several times his submitted articles are just minutes old, yet they have a heat of 100 and no approvals.

And yet the BvS massive news yesterday just went with the wind,. while so many insignificant articles like this one takes over the front page.

Believe me when I say, if it was this guy who submitted that story, it would be gathering massive heat right now.

Crazay2481d ago (Edited 2481d ago )


Looking for another hug or pat on the back muffin?

Anyway, back on topic here.

I can see Brody playing a competent Joker. It's hard to picture anyone doing the part the same kind of justice that Ledger did but I still say he's a good actor who could likely pull it off.

Porcelain_Chicken2481d ago

It's hard to see anyone play Joker because most people don't walk around looking like a sadistic clown lol. The transformation Ledger did was outstanding but i'm sure someone else can do it as good or even better.

Brody is actually an actor with the chops to pull it off. Plus he's not typecast as a villain so i'd be fine with it.

I know this seems silly but do you think Troy Baker can pull off a live-action Joker?

cyclindk2481d ago

Ever since he played that handicapped guy in the Village i thot hed mame some kind of good villain.