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Unseen Avengers: Age of Ultron Set Photo Has A Great New Look At Hawkeye's Costume


Though it was snapped back in March, this Avengers: Age of Ultron set photo features a better look at Jeremy Renner in his Hawkeye threads which are somewhat reminiscent of his look in the comics.

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Hergula2434d ago

I do not like it... at all... but that's just me.

Crazay2433d ago

what about it rubs you the wrong way?

Lord_Sloth2433d ago

It makes me think of those shirts with the tux printed on them.

I don't like it either but I didn't like him so I'm bias.

Hergula2433d ago

I am just not sure about the long jacket style and high collar look. I feel like he should have something much more fitting, I mean physically, like the original Hawkeye suit, something in that manner maybe.

But who knows, I might just not like it now, but maybe in the film it might actually look great.

OhReginald2433d ago

i dont care how he looks he's the worst avenger imo