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TVF Bones Review: Delta Force Home Invasion

This was the best episode of Bones ever. Period.

When the Ghost Killer saga came to an end in Bones Season 9 Episode 22, I wasn't shy about expressing how disappointing it was. It felt disjointed and unfinished. Apparently it was.

The case in Bones Season 9 Episode 24 wasn't directly related to the Ghost Killer, per se, but to the layers of the government that Mr. McNamara bribed to allow Stephanie McNamara to carry on with her killing. There were enough people concerned about how close Booth and his team at the Jeffersonian were getting to everything they had done over the years by investigating the McNamaras that they created an elaborate plan to trap Booth.

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alycakes2436d ago

Wow! I can't believe how this ended and I can't believe how far those people are willing to go to keep Bones and Booth quite. It's going to be a long summer.