Godzilla’s Massive Box Office Proves the Power of Blockbusters That Are Actually Good

The cynical thing to say about the weekend’s box office is that, well, obviously, American audiences went for the giant monster movie.

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Sovereign592432d ago

Now if only the movie were "good." Really shouldn't call it Godzilla. It felt like a better title would have been Lieutenant Ford Brody: Featuring MUTO's Plus a Godzilla Cameo.

(I'll probably throw some spoilers into this rant, so you've been warned)

And I'm hearing people compare this film to the likes of Jaws, which I believe is completely ridiculous, but the reason Jaws got away with not giving the shark a ton of screen time was because the human characters were deeply interesting.

Had Godzilla focused on Bryan Cranston and Ken Watanabe's characters, this probably would have been a much better film. Instead we are continuously thrown back to Ford Brody and his wife, and they make it very difficult for the audience to care about them.

Brody's wife might be the most ridiculous character I've seen in any movie in a long while. Her husband's missing so she sets her cellphone to vibrate and puts it out of sight. Then she sends her kid away to be with someone else while there are disastrous events unfolding.

To me, the most frustrating part of the whole film was the Hawaii scene. It's got to be nearly an hour into the film, and the monsters FINALLY start fighting. Suddenly, the film cuts to a scene of Ford's son watching the event unfold on the news rather than actually showing the audience the action. It's funny at first, but when you realize they're not going to cut back to the battle in Hawaii, it's infuriating.

All in all, Godzilla himself is on the screen for 20 minutes tops. 20 minutes out of a 2 hour film. There's a decent battle at the end, but at that point, it's simply too little too late.

I know I probably seem overly bitter, but I was just so disappointed. I looked forward to seeing this film for so long to see Godzilla, not to see the guy who plays Kick-Ass run around and play with bombs while Godzilla does his own thing elsewhere in the city and off-screen.

Clarence2432d ago (Edited 2432d ago )

No the movie was good. I like definitely liked it better than Spider-Man 2. The 1st jaws was excellent the rest sucked. I feel it's definitely up there with jaws. Thank god they didn't have Godzilla running around on screen for the whole movie.

If I remember correctly Jaws didn't have a lot of screen time either.

windblowsagain2432d ago

The amazing spiderman 2 was boring tbh.

Godzilla is alot better.

As for Jaws, nothing to do with interesting characters, more to do with suspence. If you had the shark there every 5mins, would get boring fast.

As for tension in films.

Crimson tide takes that award by a mile.

Hergula2432d ago

Well, I completely disagree, while I can relate to the issue of the human characters, it was a phenomenal first film in the rebirth of Godzilla in the Western market. It is not only phenomenal, it is incredibly well created an satisfying, at least to me, a long time Gojira fan.

Qrphe2432d ago

It was better than Jaws

PS4OUR2432d ago

Why you want to spoil the movie for those who have not seen it yet?

Sovereign592432d ago

I specifically mentioned that I would be delving into spoilers at the beginning of my comment. If people want to read past that line, they're spoiling the movie for themselves, I can't be blamed at that point.

And is the name-calling necessary?

adorie2432d ago

Mark it better for those who haven't seen it. CAPITALS works best on a platform where we're limited to just that as a HIGHLIGHT.

Movie was great. For a reboot or whatever, it did the job very well and I've seen a ton of Godzilla as a little girl.

MMm, I guess that wuld make me bias, though? :P

quenomamen2432d ago

Cuz he's o so very upset that the movie didn't turn out how he wanted he's gonna maje sure nonody else enjoys it. We must thank him for knowing what a good movie is. Thank you !

PS4OUR2432d ago

The article is about the movie's box office haul, this is not a movie review article. Even then its not cool to spill the story of the movie. Why don't you take your review opinion piece to a movie forum.
Apologies for the name calling but im tired of people spoiling movies on articles that doesn't even relate to what transpires in said movie.

kingjosh18762432d ago

His comment did relate in a sense, the article is about the success of 'good' movies and he mentioned why he didn't think it was good.

Personally I enjoyed the film though.

pandehz2432d ago

Movie was a disappointment.

I shouldnt be saying this but(grab your popcorn) Twilight is a better love story.


I am sorry but I have to say this...

The ONLY thing good about the Twilight films was being able to watch them and dream that Wesley Snipes would show up and chop them all in half with his silver sword.

As romance goes there was more love shaking going on between the two Mutos then there was in Twilight.

adorie2432d ago

Lol.. wow. The best part of Twilight is the end credits. Twilight. Rofl...

Hergula2432d ago

Well there was no love story in Godzilla, so I feel confused...

pandehz2431d ago (Edited 2431d ago )

Lol thats what I was trying to say

Was just wondering the kind of feedback I would get

Soldierone2432d ago

I'm interested in seeing it, but something is holding me back.

Possible spoilers

People are saying Godzilla is hardly in it, and the one thing I wanted to happen (a battle between two monsters) hardly happens at all. The director made the indie film Monsters which had the same exact flaw, so I'm afraid I won't like it because of that.

Sovereign592432d ago

Godzilla really is only on the screen for about 20 minutes. The monsters he fights are actually featured more than he is, and when he finally does fight them, it's too little too late.

Freeball2432d ago (Edited 2432d ago )

I liked the film, but I completely agree that Godzilla needed to be in the film for more than 20 minutes. Edwards needed to get Pacific Rim with the battles, but maybe he just doesn't have the action chops to pull it off? The end fight itself was fun, but it was all in 30 second snippets rather than one long fight scene. That he kept cutting away in the payoff fight scene was frustrating.

Bobertt2432d ago

Godzilla isn't fully shown until the second half, there are shots of his spines in the first 5 minutes. The first half sets up the story, its not as much action as people expected but the way it builds up to the monsters finally meeting makes it feel more exciting. This is a reboot not a sequel so they couldn't just have Godzilla appear and start fighting even tho older viewers would know his back story cause they are trying to setup for more. This was a great standalone Godzilla movie but im sure in the next one there will be more action but the amount of action in this one did not disappoint.

adorie2432d ago

Don't bother. People like IMMEDIATE GRATIFICATION. Color me surprised in today's society.

No one likes buildups any more? I was in a theater packed with people who enjoyed the movie,so I can tell you a couple hundred people enjoyed it and clapped during a certain scene towards the end.

pompombrum2432d ago (Edited 2432d ago )

They set out with this to make a good movie imho and they succeeded. The reason many people hate on the film is because they went in expecting an entertaining Michael Bay style emphasis on action and big explosions. Instead what you have is a film that recognizes the importance of the build up and delivers. While Godzilla isn't exactly on the screen all the time, what it succeeds very well at doing is making sure that when you see him, it's AWESOME. The Hawaii scenes alone make it cinema worthy imho.

If you want action from the go, you'll be disappointed but the story is really good imho and Bryan Cranston pretty much carries it single handedly however Ken Watanabe was good too.

Soldierone2431d ago

I'm not expecting Michal Bay, but I want Godzilla destroying stuff and being scary. I think the ultimate goal for me is to be on edge because I'm scared Godzilla might pop out or roar at any moment.

I mean I'm not expecting Jurassic Park style adrenaline, but something similar in regards to Godzilla being a monster. For example Jurassic Park hardly shows T-Rex, then has a really good sequence of him nearly killing everyone, which made the film awesome. Is this a similar situation?

If so I will go see it this week, I'm just looking for more opinions. I've got quite a few friends that left disappointed, so I just held off.

Minute Man 7212432d ago

Monsters had a budget of $500K, can't really do much with that

Hergula2432d ago

Well it depends, if you actually are a godzilla fan or not, if you are a fan, you will love the film for what it is worth, but if you are so-and-so about it, it might be a bit different than what to expect, but it is indeed an excellently well created film worth the watch, and inmo, a must-watch.

Blacktric2431d ago

"The director made the indie film Monsters which had the same exact flaw..."

Monsters was an indie film with a budget less than 1 million dollars. The whole point of the movie was to make the viewer judge who the title, "Monsters", was referring to. Everything that's shown in the movie was a buildup to the shot of two aliens mating right before military came into play and ruined everything. Not to mention that this is literally the first movie in we've got so far. So you can bet on the fact that we will see more Godzilla in the sequel.

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