Junkie Monkeys: The Boondocks “Early Bird Special” Episode Review

Junkie Monkeys: “Early Bird Special” is the most recently aired episode of The Boondocks. The Boondocks is finally starting to pick up the slow pace that has tainted this season thus far. Unfortunately, this latest episode, like others before it, fails to capitalize on an awesome story set-up. The episode is still mildly funny and definitely better than some of the previous episodes, but trimming the fat off of a juicy plot is starting to become second nature to this show.

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Retroman2208d ago

uncle Ruckus make the show unbearable to watch ignorance is not acceptable .

Sitdown2208d ago

I on the other hand find Ruckus to be one of the primary reasons to watch the show. He often times brings out the stereotypes and perceived cultural norms that do exist. His role is to make you feel uncomfortable, and question behaviors.

Retroman2208d ago (Edited 2208d ago )

@ sitdown : That is the main reason i don't watch the show . afro-american perceived as ignorant people , im tired of it . 55 years of life we still protray as ignorant uneducated fools . there is no comedy in ignorance no matter how you spin it .

SilentNegotiator2208d ago


You know that the cartoon was created by a black guy, right? He's parodying the ignorance that HE has seen in the black community. If you can't even accept the critique of a group by a person of that group, when can you?

And he sure as HELL doesn't stop at making a bunch of ignorant black characters. The white characters are equally ignorant on that show.

SilentNegotiator2208d ago

I'm pretty lukewarm about these new episodes myself. They aren't too funny nor do they have the best parody material.

Sitdown2208d ago

I agree...I don't really like how Grandpa's bad money management has carried over from episode to episode. In the past seasons we did revisit characters or remembered their themes, but not in this manner. It's obvious McGruder is not attached.

SilentNegotiator2208d ago

The money problems story line would have been funnier earlier in the show, when the US was facing more of an economic downturn. Then they could have at least created stronger parody around it.

VitaOwner2208d ago

We are seeing the results of no Mcgruder unfortunately. The new episodes haven't been horrible but hoping for better in the future.

zeal0us2208d ago

Man these last few episode felt sub-par and late.
-Chris Brown episode would've been great like two years ago.
-Housing/new slave episode would've been great during the housing crisis
-Breaking Bad parody felt late given BB already ended.
-Desperate black women episode was a let down and only had a few moments.