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Spoilery Details On Jurassic World; The Park, The Dinos, & More

Joblo: All right, before we go any further, I'll toss in the obligatory SPOILERS for those that didn't read the headline. We will not be responsible for ruining your JURASSIC WORLD experience, so consider yourself warned. That said, these little tidbits don't really "ruin" anything at all, rather serve as little appetizers to the bigger picture of the film and, much like last week's AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON scoop, should merely satiate you for a bit until more news comes trickling in for the revamped franchise. - See more at:

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StarWarsFan2434d ago

It's going to be a running theme park? I don't think that's right. Maybe they'll have the aim of making a running theme park and that starts off the film, but I don't think we'll be seeing it complete and running in the film. Just seems like too much of a jump to go from abandoned facilities in the last movies to a running theme park. And none of the photos we've seen suggest anything like a functioning business on the island.