TVF Grimm Review: Goodbye Sweet Grimm

Monroe and Rosalee's wedding went about as well as we all expected on Grimm Season 3 Episode 22.

In other words, it mostly all went to hell in a hand basket.

Surprisingly, not all of Nick's drama is the cause of the wedding's problems. Rosalee's sister, after a little too much wine, is more than happy to completely trash and stain the wedding dress.

It's a major wedding foul, but at least Monroe and Rosalee are content in knowing now they can pick the gown they really like instead of one they were never really crazy about anyway.

Adalind, too, is a big arbiter of the drama, as she actually gets away with sleeping with Nick. Adalind's plan is actually pretty genius, with her goal not about finding information, but getting revenge on Nick's powers and doing what the Royals want.

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alycakes2439d ago

Did anyone watch this? OMG! I can't believe what happened to Nick. That B! The only thing I'm glad about is that she did it so they would tell her where her baby is and they aren't going to know so this one is on her.

What will happen with Nick and Juliet now that he's slept with Adalind thinking she was Juliet...your guess is as good as mine.