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TVF The Mentalist Review: It's About Time

Lisbon was leaving Austin in a week and the only one who didn't know about it was Patrick Jane on The Mentalist Season 6 Episode 22.

As a matter of fact, not only hadn't Lisbon told him, Jane was in complete denial, as evidenced by this The Mentalist quote…

Oh LIsbon's not leaving. She likes to talk like she might but I don't think she's going anywhere.

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alycakes2437d ago

It was great and just what I wanted. Everyone of their finales has left us with a cliffhanger that was so bad and this one was at least happy and full of hope for their future. Then again, the reason Jayne can't seem to open up is because of what he had to go thru with his wife and daughter and he's always been afraid to love someone and loose them the same way or even worse....I can understand this fight with his emotions.