Game Of Thrones Season 4 Episode 7: Mockingbird Recap With Spoilers

The episode opens with Jaime Lannister scolding Tyrion for throwing away his chance at life at the Wall by demanding trial by combat. Tyrion made the mistake of falling in love with a whore. He says he felt good taking Tywin’s perfect plan that would have sent Tyrion away and brought Jaime back in line as successor to Casterly Rock away from him. Tyrion reminds Jaime that he won why trial by combat without Jaime, but Jaime points out that he’s in no shape to fight for him following the loss of his hand. Tyrion suggests that Bronn will fight for him again, basically putting him in Bronn’s debt forever. Tyrion asks who Cersei chose as her champion, asking if it was perhaps Ser Meryn. Jaime says that it is not.

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