Game of Thrones: There's Power in Beauty

The GCE writes: "If there’s one thing that stands out in Game of Thrones, it’s the amount of multi-layered female characters that populate the show and continue to the create dynamics and tension unrivaled by anything else on television. There is an incredible range and undeniable strength to the female characters present in the show; a lot of the events in the timeline are directly created by those characters and some of the greatest scenes have been driven by those same powerful women. Make no mistake, they are fighting to survive and make an impact on the feudal society they live in and they use what they have at their disposal as weapons.

George R.R. Martin has been praised repeatedly for creating and writing strong, believable female characters and when asked how he did it he simply replied, “I tried to write them as people.” This is a list of the five women that are the power behind the Game of Thrones."

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