Godzilla Spoilers: Select Asian Countries Were Shown A Post-Credits Scene

FashionStyle: Will we see (spoiler) in the inevitable "Godzilla" sequel? It seems a post-credits scene featuring Godzilla's biggest rival was shown in select Asian countries.

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CursedHero2439d ago

I saw it last night in South Korea, and it was pretty cool.

iamnsuperman2438d ago

I knew Godzilla would be in the new avengers film

CursedHero2432d ago

Well, since the Sentinels and their "head canaons" failed, the norms need him!!! Ultron + Godzilla = Ulzilla or Godtron?

ironfist922437d ago

I thought the Muto (at least the male one) was the spiritual monster of Mothra.

I dont see how Mothra is an interesting monster if all it is is a giant moth.

I'd rather have Rodan or Ghidorah. Or heck, just 1-up Pacific Rim and have a government built Mechagodzilla vs Godzilla film.

CursedHero2432d ago

Yeah, but if those standards show-up, I hope they are not too campy. I liked the new ones, though I hope the sequel can show more monster fights and less of Quicksilver and Scarlett Witch.