Agent Carter’s First Season Will Run For Eight Episodes, Debut in January 2015

CB: Marvel Entertainment have released a new video interview with Marvel’s Agent Carter star Hayley Atwell, in which the actress indicates that the show’s first season will run for only eight episodes.

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CursedHero2445d ago (Edited 2445d ago )

Hopefully, like most of the BBC, the episodes will be of quality and not, like ABC, lame.

CursedHero2438d ago

Then, it's... DOOM-ED!!! LOL

-Foxtrot2444d ago

I hope this succeeds, it could be way better then Agents of SHIELD.

The problem about AOS is that it looks like any other FBI/CSI show out there and the only reason it got a little better near the end was because it latched off the success of the Winter Soldier, not to mention because of the film it forced the series to go into a new direction....but since the film is over now do people really expect the series to still be good.

Least with Agent Carter they have the time period on their side, there's not really that many crime shows set post WW2. Not too mention it will be very interesting to see how SHIELD was formed. I think it could be a fantastic series.

It's a shame because it's sounds better then Gotham or The Flash yet I bet they get a ton of episodes and will be renewed for years....well I don't know about is FOX.

CursedHero2438d ago

Hopefully, at some point, The Flash will provide as much fun as Quicksilver's scene in Future Past. THAT was bad a$$