5 Not So Great Films With Great Trailers

iHowtoDo: There exists a world of brilliant movies and equally brilliant movie trailers. But unfortunately, both of them don’t often go hand-in-hand. At one point or another in your life, there would have been a moment when you have been tricked by a surprisingly impressive trailer into watching the surprisingly bad full length counterpart. I’ve have fallen for some really brilliant movie trailers. So you are not alone in your sorrow.

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G3NZ2446d ago

The list is short, there are many other movies with awesome trailers but failed

Spiewie 2446d ago

Most movies fit into this category.

-Foxtrot2446d ago

Iron man 3

Epic Music, Mandarin, More focus on Iron Man then Tony Stark.

gigoran2445d ago

I don't know about anyone else, but the introduction of the rings in the first and then what they did with the Mandarin in the third was kind of a let down. Everything else was cool. The third wasn't that bad, just not the best of the series. The same with Raimi and his trilogy. The third wasn't as good as the first two but at the same time not a bad film. His trilogy was 10 times better than this reboot. Loved how he included some of his cinematic techniques from his Evil Dead films. And Bruce... that alone makes it great.

Porcelain_Chicken2445d ago (Edited 2445d ago )

I disagree completely. Spider-man 3 kinda craped on the series hard enough to kill it. Most importantly every character was ruined except maybe for aunt May as all her dialogue was golden. That time where she tells Peter about how his uncle Ben proposed to her was beautiful. Anyways here's how EVERY single character was ruined...

Peter - He eventually becomes Emo Peter (haha, no, really).

Mary Jane - Right off the bat they seem happy & like finally they're getting somewhere, but Pete's random douchey-ness to kiss a girl (Gwen of all people!) in front of Mj causing friction between then (& not the good kind). Also MJ became a random psycho b*tch after 1 bad review of her stage singing thing all of which leads their relationship back to SM2 stages. Long story short by the end they sorta reconcile but we're literally right back how we started the movie. We're getting together after so much crap!!! I lost interest in their relationship past 3.

Harry - Was set up perfectly. The way he saw Spidey over his father corpse. Wanting revenge & obsessing over it was great to see. Felt right. When he finally does appear what is he wearing? A paintball mask... This WAS VEEEERY important. He uses his father's gear as a way of sorta finally following in his father's footsteps. After being a dumb, lazy, embarrassment all of his life he's finally embracing who his father was and stepping into his shoes (literally). Instead he wore a paintball mask, wielded a katana, and his glider looked like a friggin snowboard!! Also he dies the most cliche death in the books. "Would the make-up conversation between Peter & Harry be interesting? No let's just kill Harry! After all someone the audience cares about has to die"

Gwen - Plot device. That's all she was.

Eddie/Venom - Eddie wasn't built up and was actually kinda pushed into villainy by emo Peter. He felt mostly angry & bitter at the loss of his entire life! Then he just died. The second villain in this movie to die not because they were pure evil but because they were pushed to corner and tried to fight their way out.

Sandman - The real & only villain in this flick. The guy killed uncle Ben, who would've killed MJ, and every cop in New York. The guy who brought poor old Eddie into the finally battle dooming him & Harry. And what happens? He's forgiven and flies off into the f**king sunset!!! OMFG!!!! All in the name of a daughter who doesn't even look THAT sick.

The last scene with MJ & Pete just kinda added crap to the lemon juice covered wound.

Vaud-Villian2445d ago

The Phantom Menace should be topping this list.

gigoran2445d ago

I liked the prequels. But I guess that's just because I'm a hardcore starwars nut. Even Jar Jar didn't make me hate them. Was the first movie I saw as a kid and to see the beginning of the story as an adult was like completing something unfinished from my childhood.

dota2champion2445d ago

Terminator salvation is one.

Dearslay2441d ago

The use of NIN got me so hyped for that film, and yet... ugh.

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