Op-Ed: A Childhood Dream Realized | The Redefined

Watching the finales of Agents of Shield and Arrow brought me to a certain realization...

I'm living a childhood dream. The comic books I read as a child are being brought to life across many visual mediums and I'm in love with the movement.

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CursedHero1858d ago

Are the comics being brought to life?

Profexxion1852d ago

Which do you speak of specifically?

CursedHero1851d ago

In general, I haven't seen a faithful adaptation outside of a few animated features. Even the next X-flick, which showed of Apocalypse at the end of Future Past looked to be a mesh of AOA and his intro. story arc. So, I think the characters are showing up, but not the comics. The movies have been very loose interpretations. Anyway, it doesn't matter...

Profexxion1850d ago

Much like the "Ultimate" comics are a fresh take on comics of old, the films are fresh adaptations as well. The point is, the characters we know and love are being brought to life.